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About Our Mission

The Problem

Now more than ever, friendship is crucial as countless students worldwide feel lonely due to the impact of social media, and devices. This loneliness, along with depression and anxiety, strongly affects school children, making it challenging for them to perform well academically and connect with peers. Loneliness can lead to difficulties in group activities, while depression can make it hard to focus on schoolwork and stay motivated. Anxiety adds to these struggles by causing stress and making it tough to participate in class or speak in front of others. This creates a cycle where poor school performance and isolation worsen their emotions. Schools and adults play a vital role by openly discussing these feelings and providing necessary support to kids.

How It Affects Us

The far-reaching impact of these emotional challenges extends beyond the individual students themselves. When students grapple with loneliness, depression, and anxiety, their ability to engage positively with their peers and contribute to a supportive learning environment can be compromised. This can create a ripple effect, influencing the overall classroom atmosphere and creating obstacles in  collaborative learning experiences. Additionally, friends and classmates may find it difficult to connect with and understand those who are struggling, unconsciously maintaining feelings of isolation. Therefore, addressing these emotional issues not only benefits the affected students but also fosters a more empathetic and inclusive community for everyone involved.

Our Approach

During FriendshipWeek, we address this issue in a distinct manner by celebrating our friendship superpower through a dedicated week called FriendshipWeek. This event occurs during the second week of November. Throughout this week, schools worldwide come together to celebrate FriendshipWeek through team bonding activities and engaging lessons, helping students learn about important values such as Friendship, Kindness, Diversity, and Inclusion. With your support, we can spread the message of friendship throughout the world, and make sure #NoFriendLeftBehind!