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Our Partners are the real changemakers working tirelessly to create and celebrate everlasting friendships. Join us, to help bring FriendshipWeek to life!


Ambassadors are some of our unsung heroes. They are using their friendship superpowers to help keep this message of friendship alive. Join us, in this journey of celebrating friendship throughout the world!


FriendshipWeek would create the world’s largest celebration of friendship. We are on the lookout for sponsors to help us celebrate our mission and make the world a friendly and inviting place.


Volunteers are the underground warriors, helping keep this mission of friendship afloat! Join us today!

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What is FriendshipWeek?

FriendshipWeek is a non-profit organization to help celebrate, and embrace the message of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Friendship throughout the world, so #NoFriendLeftBehind! Join the global movement to make the world a friendly and more inviting place. Let’s all come together to celebrate friendship, love, care, empathy, and leadership. Let’s befriend, spread friendship and celebrate #FriendshipWeek

More About Us

No Friend left Behind

For the past few years, friendship has become an issue for many, with friendships blocked, and the whole world sitting behind their screens. As the world is bouncing back, making friends again, is getting harder than it should. So, at FriendshipWeek, we have a mission to build friendships, one friend at a time.

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The Friendship Countdown


Friendship is a Superpower

Embrace your superpower!

Who we are


At FriendshipWeek, we really care about including everyone in our mission to make friends and have a blast. These are the things we think are super important:

  • Inclusion
  • Friendship
  • Diversity

More About Us

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