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Join the force of friendship!

Join us in celebrating the beauty of friendship and unity. Our mission is to bring together a global culture of understanding, compassion, and connection. Through meaningful events, engaging activities, and a strong community, we aim to inspire positive relationships that exceed boundaries. By participating, you become a part of a worldwide movement dedicated to creating a more friendly and inclusive world for all. Join hands with us and spread the message of friendship!

Our mission

Building Community

Celebrating Friendship

Advocating for Change

Spreading Awareness

Bringing us together: The Pillars of Our Mission

Why Partner


  1. Character Growth: Friendship is key to character development. Joining FriendshipWeek helps schools emphasize vital values like empathy and kindness, essential for students’ personal growth.

  2. Community Engagement: Schools joining FriendshipWeek become part of a global community promoting friendship. This offers networking, idea sharing, and collaborative opportunities.

  3. Engaging Activities: FriendshipWeek offers interactive activities that enhance student engagement in and out of the classroom.

  4. Skill Development: Participation involves organizing events, fostering skills like teamwork, leadership, and communication.

  5. Lasting Impact: FriendshipWeek creates memorable experiences that positively influence students’ school journey.

  1. Shared Mission: Non-profits focusing on well-being, youth, or harmony align with FriendshipWeek’s friendship message.

  2. Reaching More: FriendshipWeek’s collaboration broadens non-profits’ audience, amplifying impact together.

  3. New Networks: Partnering introduces non-profits to schools and supporters, boosting awareness.

  4. Knowledge Sharing: Non-profits and FriendshipWeek exchange resources and ideas, fostering innovation.

  5. Educational Value: Education-focused non-profits teach friendship interactively through FriendshipWeek.

  6. Global Reach: Non-profits impact beyond local borders through FriendshipWeek’s global network.

  1. Passion for Positive Change: Ambassadors have the opportunity to show their passion for promoting friendship and positive values into meaningful action. 

  2. Global Impact: By becoming a FriendshipWeek ambassador, individuals contribute to a global movement that aims to make a positive impact on communities worldwide.

  3. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Serving as an ambassador provides an opportunity for personal growth and the development of leadership skills. 
  4. Impactful Outreach: Ambassadors have a unique platform to engage with schools, students, parents, and communities. 

  5. Personal Growth: Being a FriendshipWeek ambassador can be a transformative experience. It challenges individuals to step out of their comfort zones, learn from others, and evolve as advocates for social progress.

  6. Long-lasting Impact: Ambassadors help shape the  of the next generation, leaving a lasting legacy of friendship, kindness, and inclusivity that extends beyond FriendshipWeek.

  1. Real Impact: Sponsors make a positive difference by supporting friendship, empathy, and inclusivity.

  2. Shared Values: Sponsoring reflects social responsibility and community commitment.

  3. Visible Brand: Sponsors gain exposure through FriendshipWeek events and materials.

  4. Community Bonding: Sponsors join a community working for positive change.

  5. Tailored Support: FriendshipWeek offers personalized sponsorship options.

  6. Global Reach: FriendshipWeek reaches worldwide, magnifying sponsors’ impact.