Hi Ms. Harris,

Our family and many families around the globe are so happy that you have crossed many milestones, and smashed many obstacles during this year’s election! I also want to congratulate you on this historic run! You are a big influence on many people’s lives! Including mine!

As I am really excited to write this open letter to you, I also have a small
request for you, can you help be a friendship champion and give the gift of
friendship to the world by making 2021 – a year of a friendship that we all need? A year of friendship will be important and heal many! When I started my cause to give the gift of friendship, I never realized that 2020 would bring my friends around the globe and us, Family- Less Christmas, Loved Ones Losing Jobs, Friendless Birthdays, Pandemic, and even keep us suffering through the ‘Happy’ Holidays!

Ms. Harris, your run was an influence on many people’s lives and even on my life! You are my role model! You are the First Black, Asian American Woman to be a Vice President! These are some big shoes and I could not be more excited for you to join in.I have a humble request, can you use your strong voice to spread the message of friendship and togetherness in the world? When I started my journey to spread friendship after attending March for our lives in Boston, I was really worried to see how some kids are suffering so much that they are hurting other kids and this suffering goes beyond. The pandemic has really made it worse and loneliness is spreading more and more…

I know you have a lot going on, but I have a small request, during these divisive times, could you spread the message of friendship and togetherness? Your voice can shine across the world and bring communities that are suffering, together with the hope and promise of friendship. I need your help in making 2021, the year of friendship as not just my family, or my town, or my country, but the entire world could use friendship to bring together some of the things that we all have lost. And 2021 as the year of friendship will be the thing that we all need to bring us back to normal.

Congratulations once again, and I’ll help support your journey to make the world better for us and help make more friends along the way

A Citizen Pragna Lal, A Super Friend, 4th Grader

Everyone PS: I humbly request everyone to write “I am your friend, you are not alone!” in your email signature. This shows anyone suffering that you are their superfriend that they have and the world needs!