Eight Year Old’s Quest to Spread Kindness through SuperFriendship

October 22, 2019by admin0

A small project, when mixed with persistent drive and kindness of humanity, leads to an unstoppable phenomenon. Pragna’s humble attempt to address childhood depression, loneliness, and sorrow has met her tenacious drive to keep working to find a solution. 2018 was a small year got few kind souls around the world excited to pitch in. Which has her eyes fixed on bigger targets, to make it a global phenomenon. 2019 run of the attempt to get more to celebrate the similarities in us instead of craving for the differences has led to 100+ schools, civic bodies, and organizations around the world. We remember when we asked her, “Pragna, you got 200 families involved last time, how many are you aiming for this year,”, she ushered, “how about ten thousand papa.” Hard to believe it was just two months ago, now we commit 100+ schools and organizations pledging to spread the message across their 100s of thousands of subscribers.

While Pragna is laser focussed in performing a fantastic friendship week, we wouldn’t have been here has it not been the kindness around the world to guide her, spread her message and assist this 8 year old in realizing that is she puts her eyes into changing the world, the world converges to make it happen.

So, let us talk about How, before we get into how, let us understand the birth of a simple solution to a complicated problem — birth of a SuperFriend[check]. A few weeks back, we requested some of the participating schools to step up and help us create an intro invitation that is used to invite others to join in. The result was heartwarming effort by schools to support this 8-year-old get her wish. The video, when published [], was praised by many. One of the principal participating suggested they would love to spread the idea of super friendship. That sparked the purpose of creating a new superhero breed of friendship. SuperFriends, courageous few that pledge to befriend everyone/everything with nothing in return. These friendship ambassadors would be the change-makers that will help us all celebrate our similarities and embrace our differences to overcome impossible.

So, during International Friendship Week, celebrated on Nov 11-17, we will come together and observe 1. super friend in us, 2. friendship gene and 3. diversity. The programming is created with no logistics bound in mind. i.e., anyone would be able to celebrate. Checkout:

The Big Ask: So we are always eyeing for change-makers to come together and spread the message of friendship, kindness, and togetherness across their circles. We seek your help in promoting your community to step up and spread the word of friendship during Friendship Week. We have posted some idea on our social media outreach at

We also need some donation to help us gather resources to bring the program to as many communities as possible. You could donate to the cause at


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