What is Friendship Week Ambassador?

Friendship week is organized by team of ambassadors who are introducing FriendshipWeek within their school, city, state and community. Ambassadors are the leaders of tomorrow who are leading advocacy within their community to bring Friendship at the center of conversation.

How are ambassadors empowered?

FriendshipWeek ambassadors meet once every 2-3 weeks over a Goto-Meeting call to discuss how they are spreading FriendshipWeek message within their community. Its a great platform to hear other leaders and share your success and failure so everyone could learn.

Are parents allowed in the conference call?

Yes, we are expecting parents to be part of conversation as well. Parents play vital role in becoming local mentors for ambassadors to help with their activism and launch of FriendshipWeek.

How to get started?

FriendshipWeek ambassadors could get started by performing following steps:

  1. Share this brochure with school principal
  2. Offer to help out and host FriendshipWeek in your school
  3. Register with FriendshipWeek as FriendshipWeek Ambassador for the class / school or school that you represent
  4. Attend FriendshipWeek Ambassador community calls to share experience
  5. Organize FriendshipWeek in your school and / or class
  6. Ensure the essence of friendship is intact

How much time commitment is needed from ambassadors?

We are expecting FriendshipWeek ambassadors to give 2 hours / week towards organizing FriendshipWeek event.

How would ambassadors collaborate?

Friendship Week ambassadors meet over a group call, and use the opportunity to collaborate with other ambassadors.

Could ambassadors recommend other ambassadors?

Yes, FriendshipWeek community expects friendship ambassadors to introduce other leaders who could help organize World’s largest friendship celebrating event.

What would ambassadors get?

Friendship Week ambassadors upon completion gets:

  1. FriendshipWeek Ambassadors Certificate
  2. Access to exclusive FriendshipWeek staff goodies
  3. Permanent mention on the website
  4. Compete on the national and global ambassador impact challenge

Is there any ambassador activity list?

We would make friendship ambassador activity book(with checklist of activities) available by first Friday of August. #StayTuned

When will be the last day to enroll for Friendship Ambassador?

Last day to enroll for friendship ambassador is planned for Last Friday of September

Weekly Team Organizer Call



Email us at info@friendshipweek.org